07816 982 729 

Claire B. Passed in Farnborough TC with 5 driving fault (15 aloud) 

Just want to express my appreciation to Janet and FISH school of motoring for helping me to pass my driving test. I have had a number of previous driving instructors but none as supportive or with the level of patience and professionalism as Janet. I would totally recommend anyone taking the plunge into learning how to drive, that they do this with Janet. Thanks again Janet I couldn’t have done it without you, :-) 

Donna Passed in Farnborough TC with an amazing result with only 1 Driver Fault (DF) 

If anyone is looking to learn to drive, then look no further!! Janet is a supers and professional instructor who is excellent at her job! I had total confidence from the word go. She is so supportive, calm and great listening instructor!!! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. I passed 1st time, I never thought I could pass….. Thank you 

Marzena who passed @ Guildford 

A massive thank you to my instructor, Janet FISH School of Motoring for giving me the confidence and skills required to pass my driving test today! Janet was very patient and calm, which helped me with my nerves, especially on my test day. I would definitely recommend Janet @ FISH School of Motoring. Janet was calm, patient and had excellent methods of teaching that gave me the confidence & know-how of how to drive and assess road situations. Her possitive, friendly attidude and her willingness to go over anything I did not understand helped me to relax and enjoy the learning experience. Janet has taught me how to be a good and sensible driver for life - I wouldn’t have passed without her. Thank you Janet and Thank you FISH School of Motoring. 

Sunita who passed @ Farnborough 

I would highly recommend Janet as a driving instructor. I was very nervous as a first time learner but Janet has helped me to pass my test fist time! I felt very comfortable learning with Janet, she is calm, patient and offers brilliant advice. She is a very cool instructor always willing to help make things easier for you whether its for arranging lessons or understanding manouvers. We had many funny and enjoyable lessons. Janet made everything seem simple & straight forward and she even sent me an email with all the manouvers on describing them in step-by-step detail to help me remember them. I will never forget Janets advise to be a good safe driver for the rest of my life. Anyone thinking about learning to drive and want to pass first time , choose Janet @ Fish School of Motoring !!! 

Kanchan Passed in Farnborough with 2 DF 

Hi Janet here is my thought on my training now, I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Janet as she was always patient. Instead of taking a more aggressive approach to teaching, like my previous instructor before Janet, Janet was more calm and supportive. A couple of my friends were having lessons with Janet and recommended her to me. I´m glad I changed as Janet pointed out some things I was doing wrong and made a few changes to my driving. When making any mistakes, she made me realise about it and gave clues to correct if off in future. It is really easy to get on with her as she is a very very friendly person. I am glad I took my lessons with her. I was soon taking my test and passing it. Thanks Janet and I would really recommend her to others. 

Claire B. Passed with ZERO Driving Fault in Farnborough in AUTOMATIC car. 

I put off learning to drive for years as I been a nervous driver and had a couple of bad experience with different instructors in the area. I went on automatic as I tried manual car before and I just could`t get my had around it. But that’s how I felt with my reversing manoeuvres as well before I met Janet from FISH School of Motoring. She was always very patient and easy going. She explained the manoeuvres in a really easy to understand way that I found very helpful as well. On my 1st attempt on my driving test for my complete surprise I passed 1st time with no fault being recorded. I would highly recommend Janet for anybody who thinking to learn to drive. 

Kirsty H. passed in Farnborough with only 5DF 

Janet is such a truly amazing driving instructor, so calm, so honest and lessons were always fun, i never felt under pressure, always felt calm never nervous. She has an excellent teaching technique, i would highly recommend Janet to friends or family in the future! I passed 1st time!! :-) Thank-you so much Janet. I appreciate everything you have taught me. 

Chrissie Passed in Farnborough TC with only 2 driver error. ( 15 aloud) 

Would like to thank Janet from FISH School of Motoring for taking me on and helping me become a confident in driving. I could never beleive I could do it before Janet came for my first lesson as I had a couple of bad experiencies with other driving instrucotrs previosly. It was very easy to get on with Janet, she was very accomodating around my busy lifestyle, She always made me feel relaxed even when I made mistakes. She explained everything extreamly clearly. Highly would recommend janet especially for nevouse drivers. 
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